How to combine solar power supply system and energy storage technology? May 16, 2024

The combination of solar power supply system and energy storage technology is mainly achieved through the following methods:


1. Working principle of solar power supply system:

●Solar panel is the core part of the solar power supply system, which consists of many solar cell units. Each solar cell unit is similar to a micro power plant, absorbing solar energy and stimulating the flow of electrons to generate voltage and current.

●When sunlight shines on a solar panel, the semiconductor material in the solar panel absorbs light energy, generates pairs of electrons and holes, and generates a potential difference inside the semiconductor, thereby forming voltage and current.

●Solar panels connect multiple solar cell units in series and parallel to meet the power needs of different devices. When a solar panel absorbs solar energy, pairs of electrons and holes generate an electromotive force inside the semiconductor, causing a voltage to be generated across the solar panel. Through wire connection, solar panels can transmit the generated electrical energy to the device to realize the conversion and supply of electrical energy.


2. Application of energy storage technology: 

●The application forms of physical energy storage include pumped hybrid energy storage, compressed air energy storage and flywheel energy storage. At present, the most mature large-scale energy storage method is pumped hydro storage. Its basic principle is to use excess power when the power grid is at low times to pump water as a liquid energy medium from a low-elevation reservoir to a high-elevation reservoir, and then pump it back into the water when the power grid is at peak load. Water in the upper reservoir flows back to the lower reservoir to drive a hydroelectric generator to generate electricity.

●The application forms of electrical energy storage include supercapacitor energy storage and superconducting energy storage.


3. Combination of solar power supply system and energy storage technology:

●The electric energy generated by the solar power supply system can be directly used for oil field production and management, while excess electric energy can be stored through energy storage technology.

●When solar energy resources are insufficient or solar energy cannot be obtained, energy storage equipment can release stored electrical energy to provide power support for oil field production and management.

●This combination can ensure that oilfield production and management can obtain stable power supply under any circumstances, improving the production efficiency and safety of the oilfield.

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